The Best Laundry Pickup and Delivery Services in Chicago


When the Windy City beckons, you don’t want your trip bogged down with a lot of luggage nor do you want to be paying premium prices to clean your clothes when you travel. Thankfully, Chicago boasts several laundry pick-up and delivery services that provide affordable and fast service.

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Read on to learn about three of the top-rated laundry pick-up and delivery services in Chicago. They’re businesses that make your convenience their priority often with easy-to-use apps that let you communicate with them on the go. All feature wash-and-fold services and will pick up and deliver your laundry wherever you are. Each has their own unique features, so you’ll want to choose the one that best fits your specific needs or special requirements. Two of them are national services, which means once you download the app, you can use the services almost anywhere you travel.

Rinse entered the Chicago market in 2020 when they purchased DRYV. Rinse provides garment care instructions and a user-friendly app that allows you to schedule and track your laundry. Whether you prefer to schedule online, through their app or via text messages, Rinse pledges that each load is washed separately in its own machine, avoiding any mixing of garments. They’ll follow standard procedures unless you specify how you want something done, in which case they will do their best to accommodate requests. As for pricing, Rinse offers rates starting at $45 per bag, and each bag can accommodate two large laundry baskets worth of clothes. Rinse extends its services beyond traditional washing, also providing dry cleaning options.

WashClub Chicago

A laundry service that has been around for 20 years, WashClub Chicago doesn’t hesitate to re-invent itself to meet the ongoing needs of its home and business customers. Their new app allows their customers to schedule services at their convenience. One of the things that they point out sets them apart from competitors is that they always internally process their clients’ orders and do not farm out the actual cleaning. Their experienced employees use state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly chemicals to produce quality cleaned and pressed garments. Wash and fold services are typically around $1.70 per pound for regular laundry. They charge by piece for such things as blankets, duvets, tablecloths and lab coats. They also have experienced in-house tailors who can hem pants or make alterations to any outfit–even wedding dresses. They strive to turn around each order within 24 hours and clients can follow the progress of their wash on the app.

WashClub Chicago


Poplin bills itself as “Uber for Laundry.” A nationwide platform, they connect people who have dirty laundry with people who love doing it. Their on-demand laundry service connects users with independent contractors, often referred to as “Laundry Pros,” who will pick up the laundry from the customer’s specified location, complete the washing, drying and folding and return the cleaned clothes to the customer, usually within 24 hours. Customers can use the digital platform to schedule pickups, track the progress of their laundry, make payments and provide feedback on individual Laundry Pros. In addition to carefully following instructions, Laundry Pros are known for adding personal touches such as hand-written notes, ribbons to their delivery bags and messaging customers with friendly updates. What’s more, they’re the most affordable option on this list with prices always set at $1 a pound.


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