Frontier Airlines’ Unique Credit Card Status Match Promo


Frontier Airlines and have teamed up to offer an intriguing paid status match promotion, for anyone with a travel rewards credit card issued in the United States. This is way different than the usual status match promotions we see from airline loyalty programs, and for some people it could prove to be worthwhile.

Pay a fee and receive Frontier Elite 20K status

Those with any travel rewards credit card issued in the United States are eligible to earn Frontier Elite 20K status.

Earn Frontier Elite 20K status with this offer

There are two different options for taking advantage of this promotion:

  • You can purchase Frontier Elite 20K status for $499, and it will be valid through December 31, 2023, with no flying requirements
  • You can take a Frontier Elite 20K status challenge by paying an $80 application fee; the status is valid through September 30, 2023, and you can have it extended through December 31, 2023, by flying 5,000 miles with Frontier, or spending $5,000 on a co-branded Frontier Airlines World Mastercard

There’s potentially value to be had here for consumers, though obviously there’s quite a bit of upside for Frontier as well. You can either pay $80 to have the status for over four months, or can pay $499 to have the status for over seven months.

There are two ways to earn Frontier Elite 20K status

The verification process for this promotion is super easy. You can check your eligibility simply by entering the first six digits of your credit card number.

Frontier elite status challenge eligibility checker

What are the benefits of Frontier Elite 20K status?

Frontier is an ultra low cost carrier, so the airline ordinarily charges extra for just about everything beyond your seat and using the lavatory. Frontier Airlines has three elite tiers, and below you can find the perks associated with each tier.

Frontier elite status perks

As you can see, Elite 20K is the entry level status in Frontier’s loyalty program. It does offer some considerable value, compared to what you’d usually be on the hook for when flying with Frontier. There are four most valuable benefits, as I view it:

  • Receive a complimentary carry-on bag
  • Receive a free seat assignment at the time of booking
  • Receive priority boarding
  • Receive free Stretch seating at the time of check-in, subject to availability

If you fly Frontier with any frequency, the value of these perks can add up quickly.

Frontier’s elite perks are pretty robust for top tier elites

Bottom line

Frontier Airlines has a new paid status match promotion, allowing you to earn Frontier Elite 20K status. You can either pay $499 to outright have the status through the end of the year with no flying requirement, or you can pay just $80 to have the status through September 30, 2023, with the opportunity to extend the status further with flying or credit card spending.

If you fly Frontier frequently, the value of the saved fees from this status could add up. It’s also a smart offer from Frontier’s perspective, as it’s essentially free money, and a way to try to gain some business from those who are already interested in airline loyalty programs, but may not otherwise consider Frontier.

Anyone plan on taking advantage of Frontier’s status match promotion?

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