Phyla Acne Skincare Products System Review


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Lastly, there was the Phluff moisturizer, a lightweight lotion that rounds up Phyla’s trio. Out of the bunch, this is the product I actually liked the most as it gave me a nice veil of hydration without making my skin feel greasy. It also wore nicely under makeup and didn’t break me out after a few days, which was a promising sign. (To supplement the gaps in Phyla’s system, I addressed any active breakouts using hydrocolloid patches during the day.) During my two-week trial, I happened to be blessed with mostly clear skin — which, yay, but this made it difficult to truly judge the brand on its skin-clearing claims. I will say, Phyla is expensive: $27 for the cleanser, $70 for the serum, and $60 for the moisturizer (or $120 for a one-time purchase of the entire system, $99 if you subscribe). IMO, you could craft a routine that works just as well, depending on your skin, for the same amount of money. But if you’re down to spend and want the convenience of a planned-out routine (or if you love to geek out over all things ~science~), Phyla might be your answer. In any case, with acne being notoriously tricky to treat, I’m grateful for any and every tool in my arsenal — and Phyla’s gentle, barrier-supporting one surely beats a slash-and-burn-with-benzoyl-peroxide one any day of the week.

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