Phlur Father Figure Perfume Compared To Missing Person


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Any kind of “skin” can err on the musky side. Perceptible musk was R29 Deputy Beauty Director Jacqueline Kilikita’s issue with the viral Missing Person fragrance. “I know it went TikTok viral and made people cry — in a good way — but its floral notes were far too old fashioned for my liking and lent an air of grandma’s dresser,” Kilikita explains. Father Figure, on the other hand, “is equal parts spicy, soapy, sweet and fresh, thanks to green fig, creamy sandalwood, suede-like orris root, and comforting vanilla,” Kilikita continues. “It’s a fragrance that both me and my boyfriend can share and it seems to last much longer than the Phlur fragrances that precede it.”

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