Cheapest US domestic destinations to fly to by month


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We don’t need to tell you that airfares have been on a wild ride in recent years, but there are still plenty of good prices to be found — especially if you’re looking at domestic destinations.

We asked Skyscanner to share its data on the cheapest destinations, on average, you can fly to in the U.S. during different parts of the year. You’d be surprised at what made the ranks, particularly during usually peak tourist periods.

Below, we break down the top 10 cheapest domestic destinations to fly to year-round and the ones that regularly cost less at different times throughout the year.

If you want to travel farther afield, check out our month-by-month guide to the cheapest international destinations.

All pricing is taken from economy-class, round-trip bookings made on Skyscanner for travel in 2022.

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Which destinations in the US are the cheapest to fly to year-round?

Destination Average round-trip flight price in economy
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina $177.80
Oakland, California $199.39
Atlanta $209.55
Miami $219.71
Las Vegas $219.71
Philadelphia $223.52
Fort Lauderdale $223.68
Orlando $233.68
Tampa $234.95
New Orleans $238.76

As a whole, Florida is the cheapest state to fly to year-round, with good prices on various destinations, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Tampa. However, the cheapest overall period to travel to Florida is between January and March, and the most expensive is October to December.


If you’re in the mood to flutter your cash and hit the Strip, Las Vegas can be surprisingly well-priced all year. Meanwhile, Philadelphia and New Orleans also regularly offer good prices and can be great cultural trip destinations.

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Cheapest places to fly in the US from January through March

Destination Average return flight in economy
Atlanta $156.21
Tampa $176.53
Miami $176.53
Fort Lauderdale $180.34
New York City $182.88
Washington, D.C. $184.15
Chicago $185.42
Orlando $185.42
Las Vegas $186.69
Denver $195.58

If you want to start your year with a little sun, you can get some cheap flights to Florida during this period, according to Skyscanner.

While January is one of the coldest months to visit Florida, temperatures are still mild and pleasant; temperatures get increasingly warmer through February and March, and the average sea temperature is around 75.2 degrees — perfect for swimming as long as you don’t need the water to be hot-tub like. However, note that March is when spring break revelers descend upon the state, so things can get more raucous in certain areas.


Based on Skyscanner’s data for average economy flight costs, the period from January to March also shows the cheapest average prices for flights to Las Vegas and New York. However, note that both destinations, especially New York, can be chilly early in the year.

In Vegas, the first three months bring mild to occasionally chilly days, with temperatures dropping considerably during the evenings. It does, however, start to warm up in March, which can be the perfect time to visit if you can’t deal with the heat during the summer months; it can also be one of the busier months with events such as March Madness filling up the sportsbooks.

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Cheapest places to fly in the US from April through June

Destination Average return flight in economy
Miami $217.17
Fort Lauderdale $223.52
Philadelphia $226.06
Atlanta $227.33
Orlando $241.30
Las Vegas $250.19
Tampa $255.27
Nashville $257.81
Denver $261.62
New Orleans $271.78

You can still get great deals on Florida flights during these months, but you’ll also be dealing with a much more humid destination than earlier in the year. As you get into the warmer months, parts of Florida also begin to have afternoon thunderstorms on most days. Additionally, June marks the official beginning of hurricane season.

Although slightly more expensive on average for flights than earlier in the year, this is a great period to visit Las Vegas to take advantage of warm weather and fewer crowds.

Along Canal Street in New Orleans. SEAN CUDAHY/THE POINTS GUY

Springtime can be a great time to visit New Orleans. Be aware that accommodation prices can be high due to the smorgasbord of cultural happenings — including the French Quarter Festival, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and the Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo — in April and May.

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If you’ve always wanted to visit Music City, then May and June are great options for a trip to Nashville. During this time, the weather is often pleasant and much more forgiving than in late summer, which can also bring unpredictable thunderstorms.

Cheapest places to fly in the US from July through September

Destination Average return flight in economy
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina $176.53
Las Vegas $201.93
New Orleans $213.36
Atlanta $215.90
Nashville $219.71
Philadelphia $223.52
Orlando $227.33
Tampa $238.76
Miami $246.38
Salt Lake City $247.65

According to Skyscanner’s data, Myrtle Beach is one of the cheapest destinations to visit between July and September. However, this period also falls within the region’s hurricane season, which typically lasts from June to November.

September is one of the cheapest times to visit Salt Lake City, and not just for flights. This is typically the city’s lower-demand season, so you can often get great deals on accommodations. Also, with the kids back in school, it’ll likely be less busy. However, if you’re looking for a chance to ski, you’re naturally much better off visiting between December and March.

If you’re a heatseeker of the highest order, July is one of the hottest times to visit Florida. However, the heat doesn’t do much to keep visitors away as the summertime can see an influx of tourists while kids are out of school

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Cheapest places to fly in the US from October through December

Destination Average return flight in economy
Detroit $299.72
Austin $290.83
Nashville $266.70
Philadelphia $257.81
New Orleans $294.64
Tampa $345.44
San Diego $320.04
Phoenix $339.57
Boston $369.57
Seattle $369.57

If you’re looking for winter sun, you can find good prices on airfares to Phoenix between October and December.

If you’re headed that way, we’d recommend visiting Sedona, Arizona, which is majestic and has great weather later in the year. Phoenix also has an array of great resorts and spas, including the nearby TPG (and Bill Marriott) favorite JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn Resort & Spa.

JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn Resort and Spa. SCOTT MAYEROWITZ/THE POINTS GUY

According to Skyscanner, you can get good prices on flights to Seattle during this period, but if you take the trip, be prepared for rain (and occasionally snow).

You can also get some of the best weather in Philadelphia in October before the weather gets much colder. October can get pretty busy and is a popular time for weddings in the city, whereas the crowds start to thin around December.

And while Austin doesn’t typically see harsh winters, it does have harsh, hot summers, which makes the late fall months a great time to head to the Miraval all-inclusive resort, take in a Longhorn football game or enjoy one of the festivals that come to town that time of year.

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Bottom line

You can get great fares on domestic travel in the U.S. throughout the year, but if you’re savvy and know where to look, you can always find an even better deal. However, be sure to do your research first. Sometimes airfares may seem great, but you may be traveling to a destination during a period known for bad weather — either exorbitantly hot or windy and rainy (think hurricane season).

If you choose carefully, though, you could see a side of the country you’ve never seen before and save considerable money on flights, compared to traveling internationally.

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