Strategy Manager in Seattle, WA — Money Diary


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Occupation: Strategy Manager
Industry: Healthcare
Age: 33
Location: Seattle, WA
Salary: $120,000
Net Worth: $328,000 ($193,000 in retirement accounts, $35,000 in cash savings and $100,000 in stocks and ETFs. My partner and I do not combine finances but we have a shared credit card we use for household expenses. I pay a larger portion of our rent and shared bills since I make more).
Debt: $0
Paycheck Amount (biweekly): $3,677 (after taxes, before retirement/health insurance).
Pronouns: She/her

Monthly Expenses
Rent: $1,700 for my portion of the two-bedroom apartment I rent with my partner.
401(k): $1,700
Health/Vision/Dental Insurance: $200 
Medical Flexible Savings Account: $250 
Roth IRA: $500 
Utilities/Wi-Fi: $150 for my portion.
Garmin InReach: $15
Climbing Gym: $90
Donations: $100-$200
Cell Phone: $60
Spotify/Hulu: $10 (I use my parents’ and in-laws’ accounts for other streaming services).
Car Insurance: $75
iCloud: $2.99

Annual Expenses
Costco: $60
Amazon Prime: $140

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