5 Minimalist, Highly Wearable 2023 Fall Fashion Items


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Much like the previous wave of whimsical, fanciful trends, this collective jump into normcore 2.0 may also be fueled by societal phenomena. Fears of an impending recession and a cost of living crisis are sparking a mood of soberness and a need for functionality in fashion; trends like “quiet luxury” are inviting consumers to dress like the wealthy as a substitute for actually getting rich. “Quiet luxury is on everyone’s mind, and while it’s a trend that will remain constant, we’ll see designers continuing to breathe new life into wearable, everyday staples through unique embellishments and prints,” said Caroline Maguire, fashion director at Shopbop. Then, there’s also the rising popularity of capsule wardrobes as a way to lower consumers’ carbon footprint. 

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