The Apple Watch Series 9 will come in pink


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Neural engine this, custom silicon that — did ya hear they’re making the new Apple Watch in pink?

We thought Apple’s fall event title “Wonderlust” was a bit corny, but oh boy, do we love some fun colors. I am still wonderlusting (?) over that purple iMac from a few years back. Now, even Apple is not immune to this Barbie-fueled moment for the color pink. This isn’t rose gold, a color that didn’t seem to exist before like 2015. It’s pink! But if you’re reminiscing about your old hot pink Motorola Razr, we’re sorry to say this is more of a pastel, rather than a bold magenta. Still cute though.

If you’re not willing to spring for the pink, take a hard look in the mirror and confront the impact that toxic masculinity has on all of us… but okay, fine, not everyone wants to wear a pink watch every day, and that’s just a matter of personal preference. So, the Apple Watch Series 9, running Watch OS 10, will also come in colors like starlight, Product Red, midnight and silver.

For more news on upcoming features like Name Drop and Double Tap, read Brian’s update here.

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