Delta unveils 3 new flights, 11 expanded routes for next summer


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Delta Air Lines is boosting its connectivity to some of the nation’s most popular summer destinations.

The Atlanta-based carrier announced a route-map expansion Friday that’s focused on connecting major hubs with some spokes that haven’t seen increased service since the pandemic began.

Specifically, the airline will add three new routes, two from Atlanta and one from Seattle.

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New daily services from Atlanta to Fresno and to Santa Barbara, California, take off on June 7, 2024.

Delta will then add flights from Seattle to Dallas/Fort Worth on July 8. It’ll serve this new route — one of the most popular unserved destinations from Delta’s Seattle hub — with twice-daily flights.

In addition to the new routes, Delta will resume service and boost frequencies on 11 other routes, as you’ll see below.

Route Status Service notes Service starts
Atlanta – Fresno New 1x daily June 7, 2024
Atlanta – Santa Barbara New 1x daily June 7, 2024
Dallas – Seattle New 2x daily July 8, 2024
Atlanta – Burbank Returning 1x daily June 7, 2024
Atlanta – Oakland Returning 1x daily June 7, 2024
Atlanta – Reno Returning 1x daily June 7, 2024
Anchorage – Detroit Returning 1x daily June 7, 2024
Columbus – Salt Lake City Returning 1x daily June 7, 2024
Santa Barbara – Salt Lake City Returning 2x daily June 7, 2024
Detroit – Sacramento Returning 1x daily July 8, 2024
Aspen – Atlanta Extended 1x daily July 8, 2024
Atlanta – Colorado Springs Increasing From 1x to 2x daily July 8, 2024
Atlanta – El Paso Increasing From 2x to 3x daily July 8, 2024
Atlanta – Sacramento Increasing From 3x to 4x daily July 8, 2024

All of the new and increased flights will be loaded into Delta’s schedule this weekend and will be bookable on no later than Monday, Sept. 18.

As you can see, many of these flights touch popular domestic destinations that are becoming increasingly busy during the summer.

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During the pandemic, many airlines boosted service to popular outdoor-focused destinations, and some of these Delta route upgrades are reminiscent of this pandemic-era network planning playbook. For instance, year-round service from Atlanta to Aspen will be convenient for summer travelers based in the Southeast looking to get to one of Colorado’s most popular mountains with just one stop.

Furthermore, additional service to Anchorage is being marketed for “customers itching to explore Alaska and its national parks,” while the Fresno route is all about the city’s proximity “to popular scenic destinations such as Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Park, and the Sierra National Forest.”


This focus on expanding service to the outdoors comes as the U.S. airline industry seems to already be dreaming about warmer months.

In recent days, many major carriers, including American, Frontier and Spirit, have sounded the alarm about third-quarter profit expectations. Some have even blamed the revised guidance on weaker-than-expected demand this fall.

Without business travelers returning to the skies in the same numbers as before the pandemic, carriers have been forced to tweak their networks to appeal to those who are traveling for leisure or to those who are planning trips that blend business with leisure.

Of course, leisure demand spikes in the summer when children are out of school, and if Delta isn’t expecting a complete recovery in business travel by next summer, then it can fly some spare airplanes on more leisure-focused routes, like the ones mentioned above.

“By reopening service to Santa Barbara and delivering more ways to access sought-after destinations throughout the U.S. West, we’re more ready than ever to take our customers on their next adventures – with the service, reliability and convenience they’ve come to know and expect when flying Delta,” said Joe Esposito, senior vice president of network planning in a statement.

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