TSA Screeners Caught Stealing At Miami Airport


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While this case goes back a few months, video surveillance has just been made public showing the theft…

TSA agents steal from passengers at security checkpoint

This incident dates back to June 29, 2023, and happened at Miami International Airport (MIA) at the Concourse E security checkpoint. A group of three former Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents have been charged with an organized scheme to defraud in connection to their behavior.

What’s most interesting is seeing the video surveillance of how they committed this theft. This theft was done at one of the checkpoints with the new x-ray machines that require you to place all your items in a bin, and then the items on the belt moves automatically.

With these machines, people often step away from their bags while they’re in the “queue” to go through the full body scanner or metal detector, and that’s something that these sneaky TSA agents took advantage of. In the video clip below, you can see two separate thefts:

  • In one case, an agent fiddled with a small bag and then seemed to pull out a wallet, while leaving it in the bin; he then stayed with the bin down the conveyor belt, but eventually placed the belongings in his pocket
  • In another case, two TSA agents focus on the corner of a bag, and pocket something from there

It’s believed that they stole cash in both cases, in the amounts of $800 and $600. Part of the scheme was also apparently to distract passengers and have them not focus on their bags, which is where a third person came into play.

While these two incidents were caught on tape, one has to wonder how many other times these people stole without being caught. I have to imagine this wasn’t the first time they did this…

Always take inventory of your valuables at security

In fairness to the TSA, there are tens of thousands of agents, and any group with that many employees is bound to have some bad apples. I actually think on balance, TSA agents are more pleasant now than 15 years ago (at least I don’t notice as many power trips as when the organization was still newer).

While studies have shown they aren’t terribly consistent about uncovering prohibited items, they have stressful jobs, and as I always say, I couldn’t imagine dealing with the traveling public every day.

Specific to this incident, I mean, it’s pretty bold to steal directly from a checkpoint. It’s video recorded, you have a lot of people around who are watching, and if something of value is stolen, passengers may quickly catch on.

But this is also an important reminder to always take inventory of your valuables at checkpoints. As much as the TSA tells people that they should keep an eye on their valuables, that’s not always possible. Aside from at TSA checkpoints, it’s not often you’re otherwise forcibly separated from valuables. While we hope that TSA agents will do the right thing (and most do), that’s obviously not the case with everyone.

Bottom line

Three TSA agents at Miami Airport have been charged with stealing from passengers at a security checkpoint. While this goes back a few months, video footage of the incident has now been released. My goodness, it’s pretty bold to steal in front of people like this. While you might get away with it once or twice, you’re going to get caught sooner rather than later, and that’s clearly what happened here.

While these were obviously just some bad apples, it’s a good reminder to always check on your belongings before you leave the checkpoint.

What do you make of this TSA theft incident?

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