Secret Delta VIP Select Service: How It Works


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Most people don’t know this (since the airline doesn’t publicize it in any way), but Delta has a VIP service that any passenger can book. I’m not going to suggest that this is some amazing deal that everyone should take advantage of, but it’s a better value than you might assume. I’ve had some readers ask about this program, so wanted to go over the details in this post.

How Delta’s VIP Select program works

Delta VIP Select is the Atlanta-based carrier’s premium ground service package that’s available to all passengers. For those willing to pay, Delta VIP Select offers customized service and extra amenities, which should make your ground experience seamless. Let’s take a closer look at how this works.

What does Delta VIP Select offer?

You can use Delta VIP Select either on departure, during a connection, or on arrival:

  • If you use Delta VIP Select on departure, you’ll be met by a Delta representative at the curb (and they’ll already have pre-printed bag tags, if you’re checking bags), you’ll be escorted through security, and then you’ll be escorted to the Sky Club, which you receive complimentary access to (if you don’t otherwise have access); you’ll usually have a reserved table there, and then you’ll be picked up at the Sky Club and brought to your gate when it’s time to depart
  • If you use Delta VIP Select during a connection, you’ll be met at your arriving flight, you’ll be brought to the Sky Club (where there should be a reserved table), and then you’ll be brought to your connecting flight
  • If you use Delta VIP Select on arrival, you’ll be met at your arriving flight, and you’ll then be transfered to a pick-up spot, which has been coordinated with the person or party who is picking you up

Note that generally speaking when you’re picked up or dropped off at a flight when using Delta VIP Select, it will be in a car, and you’ll be driven across the apron. Furthermore, it’ll usually be in a Porsche, the same that’s sometimes offered to SkyMiles Diamond Medallion members on a surprise and delight basis, when they have a short connection.

However, that’s not guaranteed. It’s also possible that you’ll be driven in a golf cart through the terminal, and it’s also possible that you’ll be driven across the apron in a non-Porsche.

You may get driven to your plane with Delta VIP Select

Who is eligible for Delta VIP Select?

Anyone traveling on a Delta operated flight is eligible for this service. There’s no need to have elite status with Delta SkyMiles, or even to be traveling in first or business class (though presumably most passengers using this service are in a premium cabin). Note that you can’t use this service if traveling on partner airlines, though.

How much does Delta VIP Select cost?

Delta VIP Select costs $350 for the first passenger, and $100 for each additional passenger. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using the service for a departing, connecting, or arriving itinerary.

When you purchase Delta VIP Select service, you’re paying specifically for the service at one airport. In other words, if you were flying from Los Angeles to Atlanta to New York, you’d specify at which airport you want the service, or else you’d be paying at each airport separately.

What airports have Delta VIP Select?

Delta VIP Select is available at nine airports, all of which are Delta hubs or focus cities. These include:

  • Atlanta (ATL)
  • Detroit (DTW)
  • Los Angeles (LAX)
  • Minneapolis (MSP)
  • New York (JFK & LGA)
  • Salt Lake City (SLC)
  • San Francisco (SFO)
  • Seattle (SEA)

How do you book Delta VIP Select?

Delta VIP Select is bookable by phone, at 855.235.9847. You have to specifically call that number, as standard Delta phone agents can’t help you with a Delta VIP Select booking (and may not even be familiar with the program).

Get Sky Club access with Delta VIP Select

Is Delta VIP Select worth it?

I’m not going to argue that Delta VIP Select is a program that everyone should always use. However, I think it’s a better value than you might expect, given what you’re getting. Let’s just use two examples.

If you’re just arriving at an airport and need to get to the curb to get in a car, then it’s almost certainly not worth spending $350 for that. That’s a lot of money for a service that will maybe save you a few minutes.

Conversely, say you have a four connection at New York JFK Terminal 4. The terminal is huge, so by using this service:

  • You’d probably be picked up at your arriving aircraft on the apron, and driven to the Sky Club
  • You’d then get Sky Club access (if you didn’t otherwise have that), and at a minimum, you’d get to skip whatever line there is to get into the Sky Club, and probably get a reserved seating area
  • You’d then be driven to your connecting flight, with the option to board first or last (and if you board last, you can bet there will be space for your carry-on)
  • If there were irregular operations, the Delta VIP Select agents would help you with that as well

If you have a special trip, or value your time and a stress-free travel experience immensely, I think this could be a decent deal. It’s not something I’d splurge on with any frequency, though I do think the program is worth being aware of.

Bottom line

Delta VIP Select is a special service that any Delta passenger can purchase. It essentially takes all of the hassle out of the ground experience when flying with Delta, as you’ll be escorted every step of the way, whether you’re departing, connecting, or arriving. This costs $350 for the first person, and $100 for each additional person.

Since Delta doesn’t publish anything about this program, I figure it’s worth calling out, for those who might be interested.

Could you see yourself using Delta VIP Select?

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