Your Horoscope This Week: October 23 to October 28


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Scorpio Season starts this Monday, and the final eclipse of the Taurus-Scorpio axis strikes on October 28th. We’re nearing the end of a two-year cycle of potent evolution, and with the ongoing global revolution occurring this eclipse is quite timely as it will awaken us to the shadow work we must navigate in order to transmute personal and collective pain into healing. This eclipse week, it’s essential to treat ourselves and others with tremendous kindness, compassion, respect, and empathy — even if, or especially if, we may have differing viewpoints. 

On the 28th, the Taurus lunar eclipse could lead to passionate expressions of love, hate, and everything in between coming to the surface of our lives. If this energy feels too much to handle, it’s because we’re at a tipping point — a point of no return. The cosmos wants us to purge the mindsets and limiting beliefs that have held us back from ascending into who we’re meant to be. And that process can be uncomfortable. But we will make it through, breath by breath, through being mindful, courageous, and present.

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Aries Sun & Rising:

Aries, not only is your planetary ruler Mars currently in Scorpio, but the Sun and Mercury both enter Scorpio this week too. You may initially find it harder to keep your cool with all this fixed energy influencing you, but your mission this week is to release the need to control your circumstances, and instead surrender to the present moment — that includes facing your shadows, as Scorpio Season will highlight them more than usual. 

On the 28th, the Taurus lunar eclipse provides you with a feeling of finality and closure after a two-year journey of navigating ups and downs in your money story. You’re likely to end the week feeling both destabilized and grounded — you’ve had to destroy a previous foundation that wasn’t stable enough for the next level of your evolution. And now it’s time to intentionally build a new one in a sustainable way, step by step. Trust in the fresh start opening up for you.

Taurus Sun & Rising:

Taurus, you’ve made it to the final lunar eclipse in your sign after a two-year cycle of Scorpio-Taurus eclipses. Congratulations! This week is likely to feel energetically intense to navigate, for personal and political reasons. Much of what’s happening on a global scale is linked to the Taurus-Scorpio opposition of this eclipse cycle, encouraging us to face our personal and collective shadows in order to be reborn and heal. This week you may feel like completely starting over, and releasing anything and 

anyone that feels limiting or draining. Be sure to pace yourself in the process, as Uranus and Jupiter are both retrograde in your sign right now, cautioning you to be patient. 

With Scorpio Season now activating your sector of partnership for the next four weeks, you’ll find that there’s great strength in numbers. If you’ve been meaning to launch a passion project before the end of the year, this week you may forge a connection with the ideal comrade who will help you see things through. Show gratitude for people who have supported you throughout the years, and be sure to pour into them too.

Gemini Sun & Rising:

Gemini, your planetary ruler Mercury shifts into Scorpio on the 22nd, followed by the Sun entering Scorpio on the 23rd. Your sector of healing, wellness, and service is activated by the energy of Scorpio Season. You’re likely to feel both benevolent and cautious at the same time, which means you should only give to others if you’re not expecting anything in return. That way it ensures that your generosity is coming from a pure place, rather than an opportunistic one. 

On the 28th, Taurus lunar eclipse lights up your sector of healing, spirituality, and closure, marking an end to a two-year cycle of reflection concerning your subconscious thoughts and needs. This eclipse may symbolize the end of a chapter of self-neglect, and the beginning of a regenerative journey where you stay true to your inner values and aligned with your mission on Earth. Love this for you! 

Cancer Sun & Rising:

Cancer, hold on tight because this lunar eclipse week will throw you for a loop. But before we get to that, the Sun’s entrance into Scorpio on the 23rd helps infuse more fun and adventure into your life, as your sector of true love and creativity is lit up for the next four weeks. This is a great week for saying yes to dates — both romantic and platonic ones. 

Speaking of friendship, the Taurus lunar eclipse may lead to dramatic changes in your social life — changes that have been brewing and unfolding since 2021. If you’ve been dealing with frenemy dynamics lately and you’re ready to close that chapter, there’s no better time to do so than this week. Instead of being passive-aggressive, use Mars’ presence in Scorpio to actively voice your frustrations. Just make sure to hold space for others to do the same, as this eclipse will reveal sentiments that were once hidden.

Leo Sun & Rising:

Leo, this isn’t the most smooth-sailing week for you, as your Leo nature squares off (creates astrological friction) with the Sun, Mercury, and Mars — all in the sign of Scorpio — and also squares off with the Taurus lunar eclipse happening at the end of the week. Make sure to breathe and give yourself plenty of time to reflect on the internal and external changes occurring in your life right now. Avoid making rash decisions just because you feel triggered. Take your time to process what your heart really needs to feel most at peace. 

On a practical note, Venus’ current position in Virgo can help you dive into the nitty gritty details of financial planning, especially if you’ve been procrastinating on doing so. Spend time this week reviewing your spending habits from this year and coming up with a budget for the rest of the year and the upcoming year. Cultivating this habit will feel grounding amidst the unpredictable eclipse energy.

Virgo Sun & Rising:

Virgo, as the week begins your ruler Mercury enters Scorpio on the 22nd, followed by the start of Scorpio Season on the 23rd. The Sun, Mercury, and Mars are teaming up to help you become a more confident communicator. This week, allow yourself to explore your imagination without constraint. Take an improv class, grab a paintbrush, have a dance party in your room — tap into the powers of your throat chakra as you celebrate yourself and your divinity. 

The Taurus lunar eclipse on the 28th brings you a sense of closure when it comes to educational or publishing goals you had for yourself these past two years. Some Virgos may get accepted to their dream program or school around this time, or others may decide to launch their own offering or digital product. Accept whatever plot twists emerge on your journey without trying to control the process. And most importantly, celebrate your growth and your accomplishments!

Libra Sun & Rising:

Libra, you’re still integrating the downloads from the potent solar eclipse in your sign, and now even more spiritual awakenings are occurring due to the start of Scorpio Season and this week’s lunar eclipse in Taurus. The Sun, Mercury, and Mars’ presence in Scorpio lights up your sector of money and self-esteem. Pay attention to moments when you feel great about yourself, as opposed to times when you feel insecure. Holding space for both feelings without judgment is key to you maintaining a sense of harmony this week. 

The lunar eclipse in Taurus strikes the 28th, and it could reveal uncomfortable truths in your most intimate partnerships and collaborations. You may discover that someone’s been lying to you or taking advantage of you in some way, and while this may be upsetting, you’ll ultimately feel grateful that the truth was revealed now and that you’re able to see people for who they truly are.

Scorpio Sun & Rising:

A major milestone will be achieved this week, Scorpio! Not only is your birthday season starting the 23rd, but the combination of having the Sun, Mercury, and Mars all in your sign at the same time will catapult you to new heights or success and increase your manifestation abilities. But be careful, because this sudden increase in Scorpio energy could also burn you out or lead to you feeling overwhelmed with attention. Find a balance between celebrating and meditating. 

On the 28th, the Taurus lunar eclipse shakes up your sector of partnership and marriage and brings a two-year cycle of lessons in intimacy and connection to a close. You’re likely to have released an unhealthy pattern or thought process that was holding you back from attracting and maintaining your most ideal relationships. The lessons kept repeating themselves until they were learned, and by the end of this week you’re likely to feel like you’ve finally learned the lesson and can move on to a new realm of consciousness and manifestation. You did that!

Sagittarius Sun & Rising:

Sag, tread carefully this eclipse week, as you’re likely to feel more sensitive than usual. The Sun and Mercury both enter Scorpio as the week begins, joining Mars’ current transit in that sign and activating your sector of spirituality, healing, and closure. Scorpio Season is your annual hibernation season. But since it’s starting off with a potent lunar eclipse in Taurus, resting and chilling may be easier said than done. You may feel restless, but also deeply inspired, by the Scorpio-Taurus energy in the cosmos. 

Keep your schedule light, especially this weekend once the Taurus lunar eclipse strikes on the 28th. The more time you can spend grounding yourself in nature and appreciating life’s simple pleasures, the stronger, wiser, and calmer you’ll feel. This eclipse particularly wants you to pay attention to your mental and physical health. Take care of yourself and let the universe take care of you. 

Capricorn Sun & Rising:

Capricorn, we’re in the final stretch of your ruler Saturn’s retrograde in Pisces, and since this retrograde has been influencing your communication sector for the past four months, you’re likely to very much be in hermit mode this eclipse week. The Sun and Mercury’s entrance into Scorpio activates your friendship sector, making you even more selective about who you allow into your orbit. Set as many boundaries as necessary, because you can’t be there for everybody. 

This weekend’s lunar eclipse in Taurus is likely to create some upheaval in your dating life, as well as in your creative endeavors. You may either feel ready to call it quits on something or someone you’ve outgrown, or alternatively, you may feel more driven and focused than ever due to Pluto’s recent shift direct in Capricorn. The key is to remain true to whatever feelings and inner shifts come up for you this eclipse weekend, and not attempt to bypass them.

Aquarius Sun & Rising:

Aquarius, the start of Scorpio Season will throw you out of your comfort zone, as Scorpio energy squares off (creates astrological friction) with your Aquarius nature. This can actually lead to you taking your life journey and current objectives more seriously, although there’s a chance that your patience may run thin due to the fact that the Sun, Mercury, and Mars will all be in Scorpio at the same time. 

Then the lunar eclipse in Taurus strikes on the 28th, adding even more dynamic and unpredictable vibes into your life. Since this is the final Taurus eclipse in the Taurus Scorpio eclipse axis, the lessons are likely to feel more potent than usual — the key is to be open to learning from the cosmos rather than acting like you have all the answers. So much as yet to be revealed, so be patient and aware.

Pisces Sun & Rising:

Pisces, you’re nearing the end of Saturn’s four-month retrograde through your sign. The start of Scorpio Season may feel like a breath of fresh air for you, as your sector of expansion and long journeys is stimulated by this four-week transit. If you’ve been stuck in your own head lately, take time to connect with other people, other cultures, and other points of view, either through having actual conversations with them or through reading new books and watching foreign films. It’ll feel fascinating to step out of your own bubble and relish in the interconnectivity of life. 

The lunar eclipse in Taurus arrives on the 28th, helping you clarify your intentions to your own self and to those around you. Think back to your communication patterns from this time two years ago. Chances are your throat chakra wasn’t as open and you kept some of your deepest feelings buried within you. But now that Saturn, the Teacher Planet, is in your sign, this week’s eclipse energy stimulates you to courageously and consistently speak your truth. And that will make all the difference.

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