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As a two-time Super Bowl winner, it’s clear that Travis Kelce’s diet is working for him. Of course, that’s not the only thing going well for the Kansas City Chief tight end, as Kelce’s celeb status is continuing to soar both on and off the field.

Chances are, you already know that if you’re here as an NFL fan or as a Swiftie—or, you might be the perfect convergence of both. Kelce’s name has been making headlines for years, but it’s safe to say that 2023 takes the cake for the athlete. The year started off with Kelce winning his second Super Bowl with the Chiefs against the Philadelphia Eagles.

While riding the high of his last great season, Kelce went on to spend his summer gearing up for another; and, apparently, courting none other than Taylor Swift. The pair first sparked dating rumors in September 2023, although it’s theorized that their romance kicked off sometime after the NFL star decided to shoot his shot with the Midnights singer by attending one of her Eras Tour concerts at his team’s home field, Arrowhead Stadium.

The rest, as they say, is history. Kelce’s connection with Swift has spiraled him even further into the spotlight, landing him an appearance on Saturday Night Live and in front of the lens of countless paparazzi shots. While the world continues to wonder how Kelce and Swift’s relationship really came to be, there are some details about the NFL player that we can say definitively. And most importantly for everyone reading today, that includes Travis Kelce‘s diet.

For everything we know about Kelce’s diet—including his must-have meal before every game day—keep on reading below.

What is Travis Kelce’s diet?

Travis Kelce
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So, what does Travis Kelce’s diet consist of today? According to his own personal chef, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end eats a cuisine of mostly steaks, chops, and chicken.

Kelce’s diet is pretty much entirely handled by Kumar Ferguson, owner of KuEatsFresh. As it turns out, Ferguson—who also goes by Chef Ku—is Kelce’s longtime childhood friend. The pair met in elementary school, where they bonded over playing basketball together. Years later, Kelce would call up his old friend and ask him to help him out with sticking to an NFL diet. That was in 2016, and at the time, Ferguson was working as a truck driver. When he got the call, however, he packed up his life and moved to Kansas City to become Kelce’s personal chef.

Ever since, Ferguson has been going over to Kelce’s house and prepping three meals a day, consisting of what he calls a “healthy steakhouse cuisine.” As he explained to Startland News in September 2023, “We’re all just (Midwest) northern dudes. Steaks, chops, chicken, and stuff like that, but I try to bring a modern flair to it.” Filets are Kelce’s favorite.

“Everything about Travis’ diet and what we do is intentional. Everything is for fuel, for comfort, hydration, nutrition,” Ferguson added. “There is purpose behind every dish. You go into the grocery store with that mindset. You go into the kitchen with that mindset. You put that intention into the food and then you hope that it translates to optimized health.”

It seems Ferguson’s hopes have panned out. During an interview with a Yahoo Sports reporter ahead of Super Bowl LVII, Kelce was asked what the secret was to staying so fit compared to a typical tight end of his age. Kelce gave credit to Ferguson, saying, “Whatever he’s feeding me is keeping me young.”

Now, that’s not to say that Kelce doesn’t have the occasional “cheat” meal. The NFL player has always been vocal about his love of a certain breakfast food: French toast. Back in 2020, he told Men’s Journal that it’s his go-to before games. “On game day, you want to carb up, so I have the energy I need for the game. French toast [gets] my blood sugar going [and gets] some carbs in,” Kelce explained to the outlet.

A year later, Kelce also took to social media to declare his love of French toast. Actor Rob Riggle, a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, asked the tight end about his favorite pregame meal on X (formerly Twitter), to which Kelce replied, “French toast!!!” Later, in 2022, Kelce confirmed to Inside Hook that his pregame meal had remained unchanged. “Every pregame meal has been French toast and strawberries since I’ve been on the Chiefs.” Hey, it works for him!

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