30 Unique Gift Ideas They Definitely Don’t Have


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Who else has gotten fuzzy socks every Christmas for the last seven years? Don’t get us wrong, having a rainbow of fuzzy socks is a dream for any self-care enthusiast, but as far as gift-giving goes, it’s always nice to receive something truly well-thought-out. Whenever we receive a unique gift, we always feel incredibly special. That family member, friend, partner, or co-worker took time out of their day to think about what would make a genuinely meaningful gift, and that can often be the most valuable part of gift-giving at all. Cue the waterworks. Honestly, the thought means so much more than the actual gift itself.

Instead of resorting to go-to presents like a new water bottle, a gift card, or a fuzzy blanket (all still superior gifts btw), sometimes it’s important to dig deep and give your loved ones a quirky gift that they’ll never forget. As exciting as one-of-a-kind gifts are, with all the chaos of the holiday season, not everyone has countless hours to brainstorm potential gifts—and you deserve to be able to give the kind of gift that has the potential to bring tears to someone’s eyes. If you’ve already referenced The Everygirl’s perfectly curated gift guide and are still stuck on what to get your loved one, read on for 30 unique gift ideas that are sure to stand out. 


For the music lovers in your life, create a special vinyl record just for them. Choose 22 minutes of music for each side to create their very own album. You could even make it a tradition and give them a new batch of songs each year.


This small and mighty heater with a modern design will warm your room evenly. Designed with energy saving and smart functions in mind, it’s an ideal choice to keep your environment comfortable without breaking the bank. Includes app features like real-time cost monitoring, scheduling, remote access and more. Gift this to someone who is always cold or someone who is environmentally conscious!


This super-soft, lightly weighted sleep mask is sure to help the restless loved one in your life get a full night of shut-eye. Designed to alleviate stress and anxiety, this mask comes in six different colors, and applies light pressure for a better night of sleep. This will be a meaningful gift for the significant other who’s been struggling to sleep, or for that one friend who just loves their chill time.


Don’t let aches and pain hold your loved ones back from living a fufilled life. This medical-grade infrared light therapy device can safely stimulate blood circulation, relax muscles, accelerate healing, and relieve pain in just 20 minutes. From surface-level pain to deep tissue discomfort and more, gift this to anyone who could benefit from finding pain relief in the comfort of their own home.


Add some ambiance to the cold winter months with this Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit from Solo Stove. Whether you roast marshmallows or you want to keep your hands extra toasty during a snow storm, this firepit is safe, durable, and best of all, smokeless.


We all have that one friend who’s addicted to their Stanley Cup—they lug it to the office, to the gym, and, of course, basically cuddle it on the couch while watching a movie. For the gal who loves to tote her giant water bottle wherever she goes, this snack ring for a Stanley Cup is the perfect gift. Fill it with four different snacks at a time and enjoy the bliss of hydration plus a delicious snack.


This low-profile vibrator is the gift that will keep on giving. With an array of patterns and intensities and the ability to bend and move with you due to its compact size and flexible body, you can be sure that this intense yet silent vibrator will be a favorite this holiday season. You might even want to gift one to yourself too.


Gone are the days of spilled travel bottles of shampoo and face wash. These magnetic travel capsules from Cadence are leakproof, sleek and not to mention aesthetically pleasing. Gift the traveler in your life a more organized approach to vacation.


For your loved one who wants to bring their pet with them everywhere, get them a customized sweatshirt with their furry friend’s face on it. Just stalk their Instagram for a few minutes and you’re sure to find an adorable portrait of Fido to create this one-of-a-kind gift.

Uncommon Goods

Gift a piece of history with this custom coffee table book that features the front page of the New York Times from every year on their birthday.


For the friend who goes through candles like nobody’s business, this candle warmer is the gift that keeps on giving. Instead of gifting them another candle yet again, gift this electric candle warmer, which will warm wax quickly without melting the wax of their favorite scent.


Picture this: Your bestie who is obsessed with Real Housewives has had a rough 2023, and you want to do something special for her this holiday season. What could be more meaningful than a pep talk, hello, or short video from her favorite star or celeb? A Cameo video may not be a physical item, but it’s a gesture that your celebrity-obsessed loved one will remember forever.

Jeni’s Ice Creams

A subscription gift is one of those gifts that’s immediately unforgettable—in part because it arrives month after month. If your have an ice cream lover in your life, a subscription to Jeni’s Pint Club will ensure that they receive new delicious favors month after month.


Food and the ways in which food brings people together is one of the most meaningful parts of life, which is why this handwritten recipe personalized platter is almost certain to bring them to tears. Whether it’s a treasured family recipe or a new favorite that makes its way onto this platter, this is a keepsake that your loved one will display and use for years.


For your friend who just made a big move or purchased their first house, there could be nothing more meaningful than a custom sketch of their home. Send in a photograph of your loved one’s home (or your own!) and receive a personalized, framed illustration back that they’ll cherish for their time in the house and beyond.

Uncommon Goods

Whether it’s their first or 60th anniversary, love should be celebrated every holiday season. This personalized anniversary journal commemorates each moment from the wedding and beyond. With a combination of photo pages and prompts to guide romantic reflection and mutual aspirations, this is the kind of gift that will bring tears to the eyes of your in-love loved ones.


Capture every memory and moment with this instant photo printer from KODAK. You can dock your phone and charge it in this mini printer, and then instantly print full-color photos. Plus, you can choose between bordered and borderless photos, for a customizable look for each picture.

Plant Gem

Got a loved one with a green thumb? Look no further than this new gardener kit, which includes six easy-to-grow seed tubes of ivory princess calendula, double click snow puff cosmos, limelight millet, teddy bear sunflower, blue lace sunflower, and mazurkia zinnia. Plus, this kit includes gardening gloves and snips to get them started.

Uncommon Goods

Give the food lover in your life the gift that will make their cooking experience ten times easier. They can start stirring their favorite cozy wintery meal, set a timer on the automatic stirrer, and turn on another episode of ‘Gilmore Girls,’ all without worrying about their food.


Neon lights are all the rage right now (calling all maximalists). Choose a quote or a lyric from a song for your loved one and this custom neon sign will become their new favorite decor.


PSA: The beauty lover in your life probably wishes she was cleaning her makeup brushes more often than she is. This silicone mat comes with suction cups that make it easy to stick to the side of a sink, turning a tedious task into a relaxing ritual.


Whether your loved one stands frequently in their day-to-day life, or simply needs some extra relaxation, this heated foot massager will be a welcome gift. It comes with a rotation ball, rolling stick, and heating, which makes it feel like a professional foot massage. Plus, this massager has a remote control and touch panel and a removable washable cloth, making it easy to clean.


For easier, more efficient trips to the grocery store, they’ll love this set of reusable shopping bags that can fit easily inside most average-sized grocery carts. This is perfect for the busy friend or family member who loves to stock up and make huge trips to the store at a time, and needs an organizational system to made those trips easier. These bags are machine washable, and each set comes with an insulated bag as well as a bag with a separate compartment for egg containers.


You know that friend that’s always on the go no matter the season, ready to bring a picnic with them wherever they go? This bucket cooler bag from Corkcickle will be an instant favorite. Made of vegan leather, this insulated backpack can carry up to 12 cans, making it perfect for toting from the beach to the park and back.

Uncommon Goods

The mixology nerd in your life will love whipping up a fancy, smoke-topped cocktail with this at-home glass topper cocktail smoker. The set includes hand-carved white oak smoking chips to add to the mesh cup, instantly infusing any cocktail of their choosing with smoke and warmth.


When you’re tasked with building all the family presents on Christmas Day, this magnetic wristband will be your best friend. No more crawling around underneath the tree because you lost a bunch of screws. This magnetic wristband ensures you can keep all the bits and baubles you need close without an extra set of hands. Plus it’s super affordable and with Amazon Prime, it’s a reliable last-minute gift.


We all deserve a little daily pampering, which is why this towel warmer from Amazon is one of our most-loved gifts year after year. For that person in your life who you know needs to treat themselves every once in a while, this ultra-large warmer will turn each shower or bath into a luxurious, spa-like experience.


Sometimes, our loved ones are in their travel eras. Whether they’re jetting around the country to bachelorette parties and weddings, constantly headed on work trips, or simply making frequent quick-changes in their daily lives, this garment duffel will keep their snazzy outfits looking slick wherever they go. It has space to carry three days’ worth of clothes, plus two interior shoe pockets and a trolley sleeve on the back.

The Hambledon

We all have that one friend or family member whose language is decidedly…colorful. They’ll love this hilarious bingo game, which includes 64 imaginative swear words to play with friends and family. The first to complete their board shouts BINGO, which will likely be the least offensive word uttered during the course of this fun-filled game.

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