Why Did American Airlines Call Me At 3:22AM?


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I know some people will ask if it’s a slow news day or why I’m writing about this, but I’m oddly curious…

American called me twice early this morning

When I woke up this morning, I saw that I had two missed calls from American Airlines, both at 3:22AM. This didn’t appear to be a scam, as it’s not just that the caller ID said the airline’s name, but the number matched as well.

Okay, I am flying American Airlines today, so I immediately assumed there was an issue with my itinerary, like a delay or cancelation. I figured it was one of those automated phone calls informing me of a change to my travel plans. However, no voicemail was left, I didn’t receive an email, and my flights both showed as on-time, with no operational issues.

Missed calls from American Airlines

I called back American Airlines, and the representative couldn’t tell me why I would have been called (which isn’t surprising, since I wasn’t expecting that they’d know).

Why this phone call confuses me

I’ve been an American Airlines flyer for over a decade, so I’m used to how the airline reaches out to customers. This isn’t among those ways, though, at least based on my experience:

  • Automated phone calls are usually accompanied by voicemails and automated emails, especially regarding flight disruptions, and I didn’t get any of those
  • If it’s an actual human reaching out (like someone from customer relations, a marketing offer, or whatever), they’ll always call during regular business hours in the United States; for that matter, most non-reservations departments at American only work during standard business hours anyway
  • I was wondering if someone tried to hack into my AAdvantage account, or something, but I’m having no issues logging in

So yeah, this is no doubt incredibly minor and insignificant, though I can’t help but be curious, as it’s the first time in a decade I’ve received a call from American overnight that didn’t include a voicemail or email.

I was expecting there would be an issue with my itinerary

Bottom line

Ordinarily I wouldn’t think twice about a company calling me in the middle of the night, since I of course keep my phone on silent. However, I’ve never been called by American at an hour like this, unless it was an automated call about a flight disruption, in which case there’s always a voicemail and/or email.

So I’m curious more than anything else, if anyone has had a similar experience, or has insights about why American would call at such an hour without otherwise leaving a message.

Anyone have any theories?

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