Hair Training TikTok Trend For Not Washing Is A Problem


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Reavey cosigns on hair cycling. “Once a week, before I shower, I use one of our [Act+Acre] exfoliating treatments, either Scalp Detox or Scalp Renew,” Reavey explains. “Both work to clear flakes, reduce inflammation and support the scalp microbiome.” You don’t want to overdo it, though. Think of scalp exfoliation like skin exfoliation, typically once a week is good. “Overwashing can strip the scalp and the hair of good bacteria which is needed to create a healthy environment for hair growth,” Reavey adds. “Another important factor when washing your hair is the temperature of the water you are using. Both extremes, hot and cold water, can cause problems such as dehydration and constriction of nutrients to the scalp. It is always best to use lukewarm water on your scalp.”

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