Could ADHD Meds Be Killing My Libido?


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Consider how ADHD has impacted every aspect of your life, from work and education to friendships, romantic relationships, and your sex life. Reflect on its effects, and try to recognize how these symptoms have shown up for you. This might come with some tears, shame, or even an understanding of how you have over functioned in some areas. The fact that you felt motivated to try medication and explore new options suggests that you have experienced the impact of ADHD significantly. In addition to the negative impacts, it’s essential to recognize the strengths that come with how your brain works naturally. Perhaps the hyperfixation was how you would focus on sex and not get distracted, or on the flip side, being easily distracted during sex was what actually made it very stimulating for you. You might be someone who easily feels deep emotions and empathy when it comes to intimate moments, and part of the disconnect now is missing that feeling, and it really turned you on. Exploring this through journaling, talking with your wife, and discussing with your therapist can be helpful in seeing what underlying things might be coming up for you.

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