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Essentia’s 1.5-inch thick Zero Gravity topper attempts to make you feel like you’re experiencing zero gravity. In other words, feel like you’re floating on a cloud. This is thanks to a layer of organic latex foam that ensures the topper is supportive, bouncy, and contouring. Because who doesn’t want to feel like they’re a baby being cradled when they go to sleep?

Essentia says the mattress topper offers EMF (electronic and magnetic fields) protection, although debate about the danger of EMFs via electronic devices is alive and well. One end of the spectrum claims devices like EMF-blocking sleep stones protect you from radiation that electronic devices emit, while the other end claims there isn’t fully backed science to prove such a thing. According to Essentia, its EMF-blocking mattress topper shields “your body from these waves, optimizing oxygen flow and promoting deep, uninterrupted sleep.” So it’s truly up to you if EMF protection is an added bonus.

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