As a Latine Church Kid, I Couldn’t Celebrate Halloween


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As an adult, my best friend, Angelica, who passed away, helped me appreciate Halloween; she adored the holiday and always had the best costumes and makeup. Celebrating Halloween with her meant we had something planned every weekend in October. In Orlando, there’s always so much to do: there’s Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, pumpkin patches, spooky cornfield mazes to explore, scary movie drive-ins, and Halloween-themed bars and parties. One year, we spent Halloween in Puerto Rico and learned about Yellow Halloween, an annual music event sponsored by Medalla Light where artists like Bad Bunny, Rauw Alejandro, Nio García, Jon Z, and so many others participate in free costume concerts throughout the archipelago. I love watching and learning about the different ways the holiday is celebrated across cultures. Since Ang passed away, I continue to celebrate the holiday with her daughter. Our October traditions are now more family-friendly, keeping the spirit of Ang’s love for Halloween alive.

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