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There’s a select few of us who really can’t wait until the 31st to let our Halloween freak flag fly — but since wearing a full-on costume every day in October is unrealistic (and, uh, totally awkward), there’s Halloween nail art ideas to hold us over until we can go all out. The added bonus? Halloween nail art totally works for those who aren’t all that into dressing up but still want to feign a costume.

Even if you decide to go the way of simple black attire and a pair of animal ears a la Gretchen Weiners, you can always dress up your nails as the main event. We’ve searched through some of the best Halloween nail art around to bring you the 25 manicures for some spooky inspiration. From ghosts to monsters to candy corn, there’s a little bit of nail art for everyone. Interested in getting bloody (yet high-fashion) nails? Check out these options. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to be boo-tiful.

  1. Disney and Halloween together? Yes, please!

    2. Nightmare Before Christmas is always a good idea.

    3. Shorter nails can be festive, too, of course. We love the black accent nails!

    4. The attention to detail here is incredible.

    5. Play around with shades other than typical orange and black.

    6. Like copper! It’s still so festive.

    7. Go extra-creepy with faux blood. So cool.

    8. Don’t forget about candy corn.

    9. Even pink nails can feel Halloween-appropriate with the right designs.

    10. All black is always a good idea.

    11. If you’re not terrified of spiders, they make great nail art! (We could never.)

    12. The creepy smoky nails are so unique.

    13. Even one tiny pumpkin adds interest.

    14. The red drip is a classic.

    15. Feel free to put your Halloween decals just on accent nails.

    16. The drip is even more fun in neon.

    17. You’ll never stop getting compliments on Hocus Pocus nails.

    18. The most subtle pumpkins that won’t feel off past Halloween.

    19. You can go for more witchy vibes, too.

    20. Simple but chic and festive.

    21. Or go all in with a different design on every finger!

    22. The attention to detail here is incredible.

    23. Using rhinestones to fake blood is seriously genius.

    24. Could this neutral color palette be any more chic?

    25. The black cat is my favorite.

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