Magic Wand Micro Wand Massager Review


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Even if you are completely unfamiliar with the wide variety of sex tech available in 2023, chances are you still know exactly what the Original Magic Wand is. Formerly known as the Hitachi, this powerhouse wand vibrator has been doling out supersonic clitoral stimulation for the better part of the last century (yes, you read that right!). Studies dating back to 1979 say it helps treat sexual dysfunction via orgasm therapy, and I’ve personally heard it referred to as everything from “the mother of all vibrators” to “the Cadillac of vibrators. A sex therapist even recommended it to me. I would go as far as to say that it’s universally the most recognized vibrator of all time.

So, you know when the Magic Wand releases a new model, it’s worth investigating. After all, it has only received three updates in nearly 75 years (a cordless version, a plus-size version, and last year’s mini). Now, it’s time to meet the Micro, a barely 4-inch reinvention of the Magic Wand that promises to possess the same run time and power as the original. After holding it in my hand, I couldn’t imagine how that could be true. The original, which sits at nearly a foot long, is almost three times its size and weight, and I couldn’t imagine that something this tiny could pack nearly as much of a punch. Curious, I decided to put the micro to the test and see how it stacks up against the original model.

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