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I am unashamedly in my Kindle era. After realizing I could have thousands of books at my fingertips thanks to a Kindle Unlimited subscription and the Libby app for library e-books, my lovely sage-colored Kindle Paperwhite has pretty much become an extension of my arm. I go nowhere without it: vacations, commutes, the dinner table… my Kindle is always in hand. I know I probably should be embarrassed at how dependent I have become on this little device, but I can’t help it. I’m a reader with an arsenal of books at my disposal, and I’m drunk on power.

Since my Kindle is pretty much my entire personality these days, I, of course, needed to find all of the right accessories to feed my obsession. After going down a few TikTok rabbit holes, I discovered the trendy accessories all the other book girlies love to use on their Kindles. From stickers to cases and even remote controls that allow you to do some hands-free reading in bed, these are all of the trinkets you need if you’re in your Kindle era (or want to be), too.

Our Kindle Recommendation


If you have yet to jump on the Kindle train, now’s the time to finally go for it. Our Managing Editor spent a lot of time comparing models and for readers looking to get their first e-reader, the Kindle Paperwhite (in this gorgeous sage green color) is the way to go. You can read our full review, including how a Kindle can help you actually read more books, right here.

Kindle Accessories That Will Make Your E-Reader Truly Yours

A clear case and stickers you can swap out whenever you like

I have never been one to commit to certain stickers on my technology. When my friends were dressing up their laptops with colorful, peppy stickers in college, I left mine depressingly bare. How could I pick if my *aesthetic* was likely going to change in a year or two?

This is why I highly recommend buying a clear case and a set of stickers. Why? Because you’re not actually going to press stickers onto your Kindle. Instead, you’re going to leave the paper on the back and simply place the stickers where you want them—then seal it up with a clear case, which I have listed below.

Etsy | aestheticnostalgia

This affordable pack of stickers is a great starting point for your collection. With 100 stickers included, there are so many different combinations for you to choose from.

Etsy | CoeurDeLuneDesigns

Anyone else turn to their Kindle when they just need a little pick me up and don’t feel like being social? I am certainly the kind of girlie who has an “emotional support Kindle” and this sticker truly represents my personality.

Etsy | FloralCoconut

Romance girlies, this one’s for you! No shame here, sometimes (or maybe all the time) you just need some good smut.

Etsy | TheArtofReadingCo

A little nod to Taylor Swift on the back of your Kindle? It’s subtle, but noticeable enough that if you’re ever reading in public and pass a Swiftie, they’ll know you’re one of the good ones.

Etsy | CoeurDeLuneDesigns

Fantasy girlies, I know you wish you could live inside your books. These Sarah J. Maas-inspired stamp stickers are a reminder that with your Kindle, you’re only a few taps away from your favorite world.

Also, many local bookstores sell their own collection of stickers, whether they be from small artists or stickers designed for the stores themselves. If you’re looking to support your local community, stop by the shop and see what they got!

Other Kindle cases we love if stickers aren’t your thing

If the look of a clear case with stickers isn’t exactly your thing, we found a few other cases for you to grab for a sleeker look.


If you’re looking for something simple and clean without any designs or fuss, this leather case is probably more your style. It comes in four colors (agave green, black, navy, and merlot) and has a magnetic closure so it stays tightly closed while you travel. Here’s a similar one for the Kindle Oasis.


If you still love the idea of carrying around a book but are most definitely in your Kindle era, then this type of book cover is probably more your style. It looks like an elegant hardcover vintage book, but on the inside you could be reading whatever little cozy book you desire.


Ever afraid of that little button turning on and you draining all of your Kindle’s battery power? This clever case covers it up and instead, will automatically turn the Kindle on and off when you open it. It’s slim, lightweight, and waterproof, supports wireless charging, and even has a magnetic closure so it stays secure in a bag while you travel.

Etsy | SelineGraps

If you’re looking for a case with an adorable design but not something too showy or flashy, this elegant honeybee case may be more your style. You can specify what size case you need based on the Kindle you have, and even add a personalization element to it.

Fun grips to make holding your Kindle easier

I find having a phone grip on my Kindle makes for a much more comfortable reading experience. If you’re brave you can stick it right on your Kindle, or put it on a clear case like myself.


While there are so many phone grips to choose from, I like the classy look of these boho rattan wicker grips. I stuck this onto my clear case that way I’m not actually sticking anything onto the back of my Kindle, which honestly gives me anxiety.


If you’re looking for something a little brighter, DALSTONE offers a variety of fun designs to choose from that fit your style. This Daisy Flower design comes in eight different colors, and they also offer phone grips in the shape of hearts, covered in pearl chips, sparkly gemstones, and more.

Etsy | KChungSkyHouse

This elegant phone grip has real pressed flowers inside, giving it an extra touch of grace and sophistication on the outside of your Kindle–even if what you’re reading on that Kindle is anything but…


If you don’t like the idea of using a phone grip to hold your Kindle, then you may find a hand strap more comfortable. This one allows you to slip your hand into the strap for easy holding, or even props the Kindle up for hands-free reading. Plus, each set comes with six different colors if you’re scared of committing to just one color forever!

Cases for taking your Kindle with you wherever you go

If you’re looking for a simple case that you can easily slip that Kindle in and out of instead of committing to a leather case with a flap, or even a clear case, these sleeves make it easy to travel but keep your Kindle safe and clean.


Because I have a Kindle that has a phone grip on it, I need something that is roomy enough to fit it. This sleeve is big enough to fit all Kindle versions, including Kindle Oasis, and comes in 12 different colors and designs.


This sleeve case is slimmer, chic, and won’t be as bulky in your bag. It comes in four colors with a suede surface and a magnetic closure. This case fits all Kindle sizes up to 6.8 inches (Paperwhite), and you can get a similar sleeve for the Oasis here—all offered in the same colors!

the bookish goods

We love our Lululemon belt bags as much as the next girl, but they aren’t exactly big enough to fit our Kindles or even a paperback. This belt bag perfectly fits a normal-sized paperback novel and also has a slip for your Kindle when you’re on the go.

Etsy | LullabyCraftsWorld

If you want even more options and designs for a sleeve case, I highly recommend taking a browse over on Etsy. There are hundreds of shops that sell beautiful ereader cases based on your preference; this embossed blue floral design with a wooden button detail is stunning.

Accessories to take your bedtime reading to the next level

Are you the kind of person who loves to read in bed? Then this is the setup for you. Place a tablet stand holder near your bedside and clip your Kindle in place. To make it truly hands-free, you’ll also need a remote control so you can turn the page without leaving the comfort of your blanket. This will create the ultimate cozy experience.


Attach this tablet holder to your headboard or nightstand and angle it towards your face so you can read in complete coziness.


When readers caught wind of this little device it sold out within seconds. This remote setup combined with a bedside tablet holder will allow you to turn the page without moving your arms out from underneath the covers.

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