Your Horoscope This Week: October 29 to November 4


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Now that the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is behind us — yet still deeply influencing us — many truths have been exposed within your own self, and the collective at large. The final days of October are particularly potent to experience, as the veil between the spiritual and physical realms becomes less and less existent. 

All zodiac signs would benefit from clearing space psychologically and physically as October comes to an end and November begins. This will allow us to tap into Mars in Scorpio’s focalizing energy and focus on what truly matters, rather than getting caught up in distractions meant to numb us. Mars in Scorpio may also initiate inner and outer revolutions that we feel called to take part in. 

Saturn, the Planet of Responsibility, spends its final days retrograde in Pisces before shifting direct on November 4. This opens up a portal for humanity to self-reflect and discern ways in which they may or may not have been compassionate to their fellow human. So much can shift for the better in coming months if we choose to heal personally, and collectively.

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Aries Sun & Rising:

Aries, Mars’ continued transit through Scorpio is deepening your intuitive faculties, and it’ll be quite evident in this post-eclipse week, particularly when it comes to money matters. If you’ve been wanting to look into conscious-investing strategies, you have the green light to begin your research, as Jupiter and Uranus’ presence in your money sector orients you toward fulfilling, reciprocal, and win-win situations. 

Saturn’s shift direct in Pisces on the 4th stimulates your sector of spirituality and healing, reminding you that it’s sometimes necessary to look back at your past to better know which way to move forward. This may not even be the time for you to make big moves, but rather celebrate yourself for how much you’ve manifested so far this year. It’s through pausing and self-reflecting that you’ll feel most empowered in your journey. 

Taurus Sun & Rising:

Taurus, do your best to keep your schedule light as you navigate this post-eclipse week. You’ve most likely found closure after a two-year period of rebirth, where you re-evaluated practically every sector of your life. Instead of putting pressure on yourself to know what’s next, focus on being here now, and appreciating what feels good about your life. 

This doesn’t mean you should neglect all responsibilities, though. Saturn, the Planet of Responsibility, shifts direct in Pisces on November 4, shedding light on your sector of friendship, social networks, and community. You may have found it hard to fully voice your concerns during these past few months of Saturn’s retrograde, but now that the retrograde is over your throat chakra will feel clearer and stronger than usual. Make waves or make noise if you feel that it’s time — the people aligned with your values will join you, hear you, and uplift you. 

Gemini Sun & Rising:

Gemini, Scorpio season is pushing you out of your comfort zone, emotionally speaking. It’s leading you to slow down and trust the process more, rather than overanalyzing it. The recent lunar eclipse in Taurus has had a similar effect on you too, as it intensified a need for you to better care for your mental health. This could look like taking a break from certain social circles, or buying a journal in which to write down your thoughts. This is an ideal week for taking action on cultivating the ideal environment for your mind, body, and soul to thrive. 

Saturn’s shift direct in Pisces on the 4th further helps you in this mission. Your sector of expansion and long journeys is most impacted by the end of Saturn retrograde. If there’s an area of your life in which you were purposefully playing small, you’ll feel called to expand and start fresh, while cultivating unwavering faith in yourself. 

Cancer Sun & Rising:

Cancer, as a moonchild (the only zodiac sign ruled by the moon), you’re more influenced by lunar eclipses than any other sign. Check in with yourself throughout the week to make sure you’ve found healthy ways to process whatever revelations last week’s lunar eclipse in Taurus brought forth in your life. The after-effects of this eclipse continue to awaken you to your values and relational needs, and the more you can be upfront about what those are, the more aligned with life you’ll feel. 

Saturn ends its retrograde in your fellow water sign of Pisces on the 4th, encouraging you to soften your approach to communication and connection, and let yourself be taken care of by others. If you can, give yourself a breather this weekend and press pause on your to-do list. There are more downloads for you to receive, and in order to receive them you must be present. 

Leo Sun & Rising:

Now that the energy from the lunar eclipse in Taurus is waning, you’re starting to feel more like yourself again. But that’s the thing, Leo — the “self” that you once knew is still metamorphosing, and you should let this process happen without wondering why everything feels “weird”. There’s a lot of frenetic energy coursing through you due to Scorpio and Taurus energy both creating friction with your Leo nature. But this frenetic energy can be used creatively and in revolutionary ways — find the outlets that allow you to do so, and you’ll thrive. 

Life starts to soften up starting on November 4, when Saturn, the Planet of Responsibility, ends its four-month retrograde in Pisces. Your sector of depth, intimacy, and merging was most influenced by Saturn retrograde, which could’ve led to you having trust issues in your closest relationships. But now that Saturn’s direct, you’ll slowly but surely feel ready to keep practicing the art of vulnerability. 

Virgo Sun & Rising:

Virgo, this week let yourself feel moody, angry, sleepy, horny, joyful, or corny if you want to. You’ve made it through an epic lunar eclipse, and your planetary ruler Mercury is getting increasingly activated by its presence through the unpredictable sign of Scorpio. This is bringing out a more rebellious and slightly dangerous side of you — one that doesn’t care about pleasing anyone but their own self. You may at first try to suppress this part of you due to how much you’ve been used to being the sweet, dependable friend. But if there’s anything eclipse season has taught you, it’s that being true to yourself will pay off more than bending over backwards for other people. 

This weekend, you’re likely to find ways to reveal this transformation in your consciousness, especially once Saturn, the Planet of Responsibility, ends its retrograde in Pisces on November 4th. This brings attention to your partnerships and allows you to not only open up to others about what you’ve been experiencing, but also have them express themselves more transparently to you.

Libra Sun & Rising:

Congratulations, Libra — you’ve made it through eclipse season. You may feel like a completely different person than you were at the start of this month. With the Taurus lunar eclipse still being felt, you’d benefit from indulging in Venus-like pleasures such as cooking your favorite meal, receiving a massage, or meditating in the steam room. Your life is going through radical changes, and taking care of yourself amidst these shifts will help you feel centered and whole. 

Saturn’s shift direct in Pisces helps deepen your capacity to hold space for your own shadows — particularly the ones you may have neglected, avoided, denied, or brushed under the rug. You may find it easier to face those shadows through art. Spend time this weekend letting yourself create for the sake of creating, as it’s likely to feel cathartic.

Scorpio Sun & Rising:

Your mindset has been changing rapidly this Scorpio season, largely due to the Scorpio stellium occurring in the cosmos right now. The sun, Mercury, and Mars have all teamed up to remind you of your power, and now that you’ve seen your new-and-improved self, you can’t unsee them. This week, you’re likely to feel more confident and sure of yourself than you have all year. That’s largely due to you having made it through the regenerative flames of eclipse season. You came, you saw, you thrived. 

This weekend, Saturn’s shift direct in Pisces boosts your love life considerably by helping infuse more optimism, peace, and harmony into your most intimate relationships. Accept this energy rather than second-guessing it, Scorpio. Venus’ presence in Virgo harmonizes with your Scorpio nature and reminds you that sometimes the key to getting what you want is keeping things simple. Find ways to simplify the way you give and receive love, and you’ll soon find yourself in awe of how magnificent love is. 

Sagittarius Sun & Rising:

Sag, now that eclipse season is waning, you may feel ready to emerge out of your cocoon, especially as November begins. But at the same time, these final three weeks of Scorpio season are a period of deeper introspection, and Mars’ current transit through Scorpio could lead to you contradicting yourself — one second you’ll feel like partying, and the next you won’t want to leave your bed. Do your best to find a middle ground, perhaps through taking a more moderate approach to socializing. 

Once Saturn, the Teacher Planet, ends its retrograde in Pisces on the 4th, you may notice yourself daydreaming and drifting off into space when thinking of the possibilities that lay ahead. Pisces energy squares off (creates astrological friction) with your Sag nature, so Saturn’s shift direct in Pisces could be pushing you to dream a bit more expansively these next few months, especially as we approach your birthday. If your dreams feel too easy to achieve, they may not be challenging enough. 

Capricorn Sun & Rising:

Capricorn, your creative side is emerging this week, and you may be publicly or professionally recognized for your gifts. The energy of eclipse season taught you the importance of allowing yourself to be consistently seen, and not dimming your light just because it makes others uncomfortable. Keep tapping into that unapologetic magic in this post-eclipse week, as the Sun, Mercury, and Mars are all in Scorpio in your sector of community and technology, helping you craft a strategy for attaining your end-of-year goals. There’s strength in numbers, so be willing to connect with people who have always believed in you. 

You’ll feel like the life of the party this weekend when your planetary ruler Saturn ends its retrograde in Pisces, stimulating your sector of communication and creativity. Saturn’s shift direct is helping you speak more candidly, so don’t be surprised if what starts off as a mellow kickback turns into a revolutionary round of passionate discourses about what the world has the potential to become, if we stopped being complacent. Big Capricorn energy. 

Aquarius Sun & Rising:

Aquarius, life lightens up for you this week now that you’ve made it through the lunar eclipse in Taurus. You may find yourself seeking out meditative experiences that allow you to take in the many revelations that came forth during eclipse season. Resist the urge to explain yourself to others this week, or to even do that much talking in the first place. The more you can enjoy the stillness of your mind, the more clarity and purpose you’ll find. 

Saturn’s shift direct in Pisces on November 4 infuses even more mindfulness and a desire for harmonious environments into your consciousness, as your sector of money and self-esteem is most influenced by the end of Saturn retrograde. These next seven months are ideal for redefining what wealth, prosperity, and bliss specifically mean to you, and what they feel like. With Pluto about to re-enter your sign in January, you’re at the right place at the right time to materialize those inner visions.

Pisces Sun & Rising:

Pisces, you’ve reached a significant turning point in your life, and you may feel like a butterfly that’s freshly grown a set of wings. But did you know that butterflies supposedly can’t even see their own wings? Keep that in mind if for some reason you’re telling yourself that not much has changed, and that you haven’t evolved. Quite the opposite. With you having emerged from the tumultuousness of eclipse season, you’ve evolved in ways you may take years to truly notice, and appreciate. So give yourself grace, this week. 

Another reason your life is on the brink of change? Saturn, the Planet of Responsibility, has completed its four-month retrograde through your sign. That was very much a rite of passage for you, and Saturn is currently at zero degrees Pisces, which means you’re like a little chick that’s freshly hatched. Everything feels new to you, but still familiar. You have a blank canvas with which you can paint your ideal life, and there’s no right or wrong way to start painting. Spend this weekend letting your inner child lead the way when it comes to the next chapter of your life you’re entering now that Saturn’s direct.

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