Awful: Rioters Storm Russian Airport Looking For Jews


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This is just sickening…

Anti-Israel mob takes over Russian airport

This incident happened on Sunday, October 29, 2023, at Makhachkala Uytash Airport (MCX), located in the southernmost tip of Russia, in the Dagestan region. Russian leisure carrier Red Wings Airlines operated a flight from Tel Aviv (TLV), and the local community allegedly became aware of this, and decided to storm the airport.

Hundreds of rioters (the region is predominantly Muslim) arrived at the airport, and many broke through security and got onto the tarmac. They went plane-to-plane, apparently looking for Jews and/or Israelis. Some rioters had Palestinian flags, while others had signs saying “we are against Jewish refugees” and “there is no place for child-killers in Dagestan.”

There are videos of the crowd demanding passports of passengers, and having them prove that they weren’t Israeli. In one video, a pilot can be heard telling passengers that “it is not safe to open the doors” because “protestors are below our plane.”

At least 10 people were injured from this riot, including two people sustaining critical injuries. The airport remained closed for a brief period on Sunday night, but has reopened.

This whole situation is just heartbreaking

The current conflict between Israel and Palestine is ridiculously complex, and I certainly don’t have the solution to it. One thing is for sure — it’s tragic to see what has been happening in the region.

I don’t understand the general lack of empathy that seems to exist in the dialogue on both sides. There are a few things that I feel strongly about:

  • Hamas is a terrorist organization that doesn’t have the best interest of Palestinians in mind, and committed a horrible attack against Israel
  • Countries do have the right to defend themselves from terrorist attacks
  • It’s beyond tragic how Palestine has a million kids who have no fault in all of this, and they’re going to be suffering a lot from all of this as well

To me the question shouldn’t be who is to blame, but what can be done to create a prosperous and safe future for as many people as possible. What that looks like is way beyond my pay grade. But I know that I empathize with Israelis and Palestinians.

Yet oddly when you look online, people seem more focused on who is hanging up missing Israeli children posters and who is taking them down, rather than the general tragedy of all of this. The situation has really brought out the worst in many people.

If you favor a ceasefire, I get it. But then what? How can Israel ensure that a similar attack doesn’t happen again? If you favor a full-on attack against Palestine and trying to destroy Hamas, I get it. How can civilian casualties be minimized, and in the event that Hamas were actually taken out, what’s the plan then?

Everyone in life just wants to feel understood. I think some people acknowledging “I feel sorry for Palestinian children” and others saying “I condemn Hamas and they should release hostages” would go a long way.

Going back to the purpose of this post, my point is that no matter where you stand on this, the concept of going on a manhunt looking for Jews getting off planes makes my stomach turn.

Bottom line

Rioters managed to storm an airport in Russia, when they learned that a flight from Tel Aviv had just landed. They went on a hunt for Israelis and Jews, demanding their passports, and saying that they don’t want them in the region. Two people were even critically injured.

How awful…

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