Would You Sing Karaoke at Your Wedding?


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singing karaoke at a wedding

singing karaoke at a wedding

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A few years ago, I once went to a wedding where…

…guests sang karaoke at the reception. One of the groomsmen, Michael, who until then had been pretty quiet and reserved, brought down the house singing Frank Sinatra’s My Way. (Everyone was then like, wait, is Michael super hot?)

“You can’t take karaoke too seriously, which is why it’s perfect for a wedding,” says Amy Shack Egan, founder of Modern Rebel, a wedding planning company in Brooklyn. She understands that the word “wedding” can bring up lots of baggage, so she encourages couples to break old-fashioned “rules” and just do what feels right to them. “Karaoke helps everyone let their guard down. As a wedding planner, I 10/10 recommend.”

When my friend Emily got married, she sang Carly Simon’s You’re So Vain, to her new husband, which is a hilarious choice. “I was so drunk,” she texted me today. “But it is a great song and he loved it!

singing karaoke at a wedding

singing karaoke at a wedding

Thoughts? Would you sing karaoke at your wedding? What other “rules” would you break?

P.S. A stoop wedding in Brooklyn, and how sweet is this beach proposal?

(Top photo of Doreen and Dani’s wedding by Katherine Marchand. Photos of Kelly and Mina’s wedding by Carina Skrobecki Swain.)

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