10 Natural Colognes that Smell Great


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Choose natural colognes for less synthetic smells and do your bit to help the environment too – it’s a win win. Here are ten of the best natural colognes on the market right now: 

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Everyone wants to smell nice when travelling, but not everyone wants to smell like a chemical factory arriving in the bar. Natural colognes have made great strides in the last few years, improving in smell, longevity and range, providing genuine alternatives for the high street brands. Mixing organic, vegan and all-natural ingredients, they come in a variety of fragrances, and even can be found in tins, making getting on a flight hassle free. Here are ten of the best on the market:

Moiré Mimosa

Proof that natural colognes need not be boring, Moiré Mimosa is a medley of exotic ingredients that wouldn’t look out of place on a Caribbean cocktail menu. Created by talented perfumer Kershen Teo and launched in 2019, it is packed with Chilean lime, mellow coconut, Côte d’Azur mimosa and seductive tuberose, all grounded by delicate almond blossom sets. With strong coconut accords, along with florally and sweet overtones, it may be a bit too lively for some day to day, but as a hot weather holiday fragrance it hitsb the spot. All ingredients are 100 per cent natural and organic. From $81.00.

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Dancing Dingo Botanical Men’s Cologne

Despite the name, Dancing Dingo scents don’t drift over from Australia, they are American born and bred – in Austin, Texas, to be specific. The bottles are reassuringly low fi and point to the no-nonsense approach to the ingredients, only using vegan, natural and earth-friendly products that aren’t tested on animals. Pick of the colognes is the fresh unisex Basil Lemonade which is hand blended in the USA using purified water, aloe vera, glycerin, Irish moss and aspen bark extract. It’s fresh and citrusy and perfect to spray on after a long haul flight. From:$10.00.

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Wild Man Botanical Cologne

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This budget natural fragrance is an entirely natural, botanical oil-based cologne that is both GMO and cruelty free. The scent is woodsy, herbaceous and slightly sweet, without overpowering your senses and anyone in the vicinity. It is a delicate blend of Virginian cedarwood and cold-pressed lime with a hint of fresh rosemary. A dash of organic Lavender essential oil is barely noticeable but it smooths the more potent ingredients – it only needs a few drops for a warm, natural aroma. From $ 7.99.

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Barrel & Oak Natural Fragrance Cologne

This natural, essential oil-based fragrance is composed of earthy warm oak and spicy bergamot. It’s another gentler fragrance – a hallmark of natural colognes is that lack of overly chemical overtones of course – that will also last a day with just one or two sprays in the morning. It’s a good option for light travelling as it works equally well day or night, with a rich combination of leather, clove, and smoky vanilla. This cologne contains no parabens, no SLS and no silicones, as well as being certified organic, vegan and gluten free. From $40.00.

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Man Mist Natural Cologne

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Getting the prize for perhaps the silliest name, this natural cologne also delivers in other areas too. Combined with wood-pile distilled water is witch hazel, grapefruit seed, essential oils of cedarwood, fir needle and frankincense. With an overall fragrance of timber and stacked wood, it’s a masculine, man of the woods kind of smell which might be a bit too lumberjack for some. Thanks to its all-natural construction, maker Among the Flowers say you can spray it on your clothes too, if you’re that kind of guy. From $32.00.

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Eminent Cologne for Men

Coming in a more conventional-looking packaging, this scent avoids the woody, heavier tones of many of these natural colognes to create something that is a match for brighter all-day big hitters like CK One. It is more of an understated masculinity with a subtle yet sporty and distinctive scent that is made up of anise, cedarwood, lavender and spearmint. It’s lightweight and crisp, with marine undertones, and can be sprayed liberally. It contains zero harmful additives and only natural ingredients. From $60.00.

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Glacial Falls Cologne

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Managing to be both fresh and energising and woody and earthy, this cologne is great for a weekend away. Glacial Falls Cologne has refreshing hints of fresh bergamot, Indonesian clove and citrus. Sustainably-sourced American Cedarwood Virginia also makes an appearance, made using a unique upcycling process using leftover cedarwood remains ensuring that no part of the tree goes to waste. Overall this cologne has a woody, dry and slightly ambery scent. From $59.00.

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Gum of Gods Santorini Sun

Another great name, another great fragrance. What makes this particular cologne different is that it comes in a tin – just rub it on. Made of just coconut oil, beeswax, mastic powder, and a pure oil blend, it is waterproof too so perfect if a day at the pool is on the agenda. It’s also easy to take on an aeroplane as there are no liquids and comes in a metal tin. From $39.99.

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The Bourbon Solid Cologne

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This fragrance also comes in a tin, so perfect for getting on a plane. The Bourbon Solid Cologne, has a woodsy, oak barrel scent inspired by the rack houses at the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky. The concentrated cologne balm melts in the fingertips for easy application and has notes of tobacco, a woody musk and a slight sweetness that will last all day. Other ingredients are Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Mixed Tocopherols, Rosemary Extract and Calendula Extract – everything is natural and organic. From $25.00.

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Barrell & Oak Bourbon Cedar

Looking more like something you would drink out of a shot glass, this Bourbon Cedar cologne might not sound like a fragrance you want emanating from your body early in the morning. Rest assured, it’s a sophisticated smell that is only inspired by the the wood-aging tradition of American distilleries, with a highly spirited top note that makes way for a rich red cedar with a smoky vanilla finish. It’s all organic with a natural grain alcohol and no silicones or parabens. From $40.00.

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