The 23 Best 2023 Hair Products Tested By R29 Editors


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My hair is thick and long (like, down-to-my-butt long), and while I attempt to shampoo, condition, blowdry, and style it almost every other day, sometimes I simply don’t have the energy… or the arm strength. Whenever I forgo my routine, my hair suffers, quickly becoming greasy, stringy, and generally lifeless. Because my hair is my favorite physical asset, this naturally takes a toll on me mentally; I don’t feel my best and may even avoid social situations. Enter: Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk. I’ve been a long time user of dry shampoo, and this one is by far the best. In fact, all of Klorane’s dry shampoos are excellent, I just happen to enjoy the light, fresh scent of this one the most. You won’t find white residue here, although, if you’re a brunette like me, be sure to shake the can before use and brush out your strands a bit if you spray a lot in one area. It doesn’t leave that dreaded “powdery” feeling on your hair all day, either, which I personally can’t stand. It gives my roots instant volume, zaps oil, and adds life to my hair all while feeling clean, natural, and weightless. 

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