South Texans Are Fighting Biden’s Border Wall Expansion


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Biden’s wall could also endanger those that currently reside along the region. The territory in which the border wall is set to be built is populated by people (largely low-income immigrants), animals, and essential ecosystems that may be affected by the construction. For instance, with the 20 new miles of the wall cutting through near the lower Rio Grande Valley’s national wildlife refuge, there’s concerns that the people, flora, and fauna that make up this region will suffer from flooding, that ecosystems will disappear, and that animals that depend on the ability to cross the border to feed themselves could die. Mountain lions, bobcats, javelinas, coyotes, white-tail deer, armadillos, jack rabbits, ground squirrels, and two endangered, federally protected plants — Zapata bladderpod and prostrate milkweed — might all be affected by the wall.

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