How A Black Chef In St. Lucia Convinced Me To Go Vegan


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The second themed meal continued the culinary journey with a diverse array of flavors, showcasing Chef Von Der Pool’s creativity. The menu included the “Queen of Green Quinoa Salad” with wilted kale, fennel, arugula, apple, shaved radish, mango, bell peppers, coconut dressing, a refreshing and nutritious start. There was also the “Caribbean Corn Bisque,” a velvety soup with mushrooms, crispy basil, and basil oil, offering a rich and comforting bowl of goodness. The satisfying main course was the “Crispy Breadfruit Bowl” featuring crispy “fish,” braised greens, and a petite tomato and arugula salad, highlighting Caribbean flavors. Finally, the  “Dragon Fruit Rose Funnel Cake” was a sweet finale with blue magic powdered sugar and mango coconut ice cream, delivering a delightful and visually stunning dessert.

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