Taylor Swift & Travis Made Me Believe In Cuffing Season


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Okay, it wasn’t all them, but T and T gave me the cold, hard evidence I needed to overcome my doubts. Kelce planted the seed for their romance earlier this summer (an alleged cuffing season strategy) by going on his podcast and announcing to the world that he went to Swift’s concert, had wanted to give her his number, and was bummed when it didn’t work out — and so, the pursuit began. The pair started hanging out and now, on the very precipice of cuffing season, the two stars are going strong. Whether or not they’re officially official, we’ll probably never know — although, to me, Swift’s “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs” stunt in Argentina during her concert solidifies it — but it’s looking like their romance is a cuffing season success. At least, for now.

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